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Microsoft Flight Now Available to Download For Free

When I was younger I loved playing Microsoft Flight Simulator (not that I was very good at it though), and ever since I’ve had an interest in these sort of simulation games.

So I was surprised and pleased to hear that Microsoft have just announced that the latest version of the extremely popular Flight Simulator game will now be offered for FREE!

From today, anyone with an interest in flying planes around the world from the comfort of your chair will be able to simply visit the www.microsoftflight.com and download the game at no cost whatsoever.

So, I’m guessing you’re wondering why Microsoft are offering this popular game for free? Well, Microsoft’s plan is hoping that it will be able to make money by selling different aircraft, while also offering “deluxe” versions of free aircraft which will include extras such as cockpit views. Also, if users decide to sign up via Games for Windows, you’ll get additional free content such as extra missions for the Boeing Stearman aircraft and also an online pilot profile.

If you fancy tuning up your flying skills, the free version will includes planes such as the Boeing Stearman, North American P-51 Mustang, Maule M-7-260C and also the Vans RV-6A.

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