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Microsoft to buy Nokia’s Mobile business?

Please not that the following is strictly a rumour… nothing more, nothing less.

Its seems that Nokia may be further into the Windows Phone 7 deal than initially speculated, as a rumour is currently going around that Nokia themselves are next week going to enter into talks with Microsoft to sell off its mobile phone side of the business.

Nokia has been one of the powerhouses in the mobile industry since its boom in the late 90’s, but in recent years the industry leader has fallen somewhat from grace with sales declining and lack of innovation pushing the company down most people’s handset wish lists.

So in the past year we have seen Nokia go from announcing its new Operating System MeeGo (of which we are yet to see a single handset), nearly ditching Symbian OS altogether to then releasing a range of Symbian handsets and then earlier in the year getting into bed with Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 OS.

Nokia does seem a little lost at the moment.

Is this where it all began?

Renowned Nokia blogger Eldar Murtazin has stated on his blog “Next week Nokia will start the negotiations about the sale of its phone unit to Microsoft. For now the results of the negotiations won’t be public, but the deal might close before the end of 2011. Both companies are in a big hurry”

Now normally this sort of hearsay goes unnoticed but Mr Murtazin is the man who initially reported news on the first Nokia Windows Phone deal, he also told us about the launch of OVI Store weeks before it happened, was “reported to authorities” by Nokia for previewing unannounced phones, and just last week told us that Nokia will kill off OVI brand it really does show that the man knows his Nokia info.

What with Nokia’s sales falling and Windows Phone 7 handsets still not setting the world on fire in terms of sales, this may be the thing to launch the two to the top of the games. It could also just be another rumour in the mill.

Either way we will find out more in the coming weeks.

Should Microsoft buy out Nokia? Let us know your thoughts below or on our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter.

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