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Microsoft Blocks HTC From Hosting Windows RT on Tablets

Well, this is a little awkward. It would appear that HTC has been unfortunately omitted from Microsoft’s list of eligible tablet makers for Windows RT, despite what was previously thought to be a strong bond between to two tech titans which has seen a number of mobile developed under the Windows Phone banner.

The pairings history starts with the 2002 HTC Canary smartphone, but it’s no secret that HTC got the elbow to make way for Nokia to become bosom buddies when the Windows Phone platform was refreshed in late 2011 with its “Mango” update. The partnership between HTC and Microsoft has since been put in the “friend zone” for the launch of WP7 host handsets the HTC Radar, with the HTC Titan II just about to be launched.

HTC has experienced the tablet market with its 7” HTC Flyer tablet released just over a year ago , but this cred isn’t enough to woo Microsoft back and Windows RT – a “lite” version of the upcoming Windows 8 – will remain absent from HTC slates with the likes of potential hosts such as Sony, ASUS and Samsung grabbing the bragging rights.

We think Microsoft’s snub is pretty low, but with HTC’s recently impressive reinvention of its gadget line-up with the One range of Android ICS smartphones, who needs ‘em? And we’re sure its only a matter of time before a One branded Android tablet emerges.

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