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McDonald’s Trialling Digital Ordering and Table Service

Earlier this week we covered the news that KFC was trialling some frankly bonkers ideas as a way of introducing technology to the dining experience for its customers. We made reference to the fact that other restaurant chains were also starting to offer a smart-savvy side order and left the article with a cliff-hanger asking what Ronald McDonald have up his sleeve.


Lo and behold, since that article it’s been revealed that McDonald’s is actually working on some smart ideas of its own to improve service efficiency in one of its Manchester branches. The world’s leading fast food company is giving its customers access to a digital kiosk in which they can place and pay for their orders via a touchscreen terminal and then have the grub delivered right to their table – as if by magic!

Now doesn’t that sound more helpful than listening to music through your bones? (Ref: our earlier article.)

Image Source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

The unique serving scheme has already been tested in McDonald’s restaurants in Australia, Germany and France with enough success for it to be brought to Great Britain and Ronald has listened to his customer’s feedback in order to stay on the cutting edge of the burger and fries biz.

If you’re in or around the Greater Manchester area pop into the McDonald’s Mottram branch on your lunch hour and give the digital kiosk a try for yourself. We know you’re trying to eat healthily, but do it for us and let us know your feedback!

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