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Marvel licenses range of comic cases for iPhone – Including Spidey & Captain America

Marvel has once again crossed the Bifröst bridge between comic-fandom to tech-geekiness – this time bringing classic covers of fave characters such as Avengers team-mates Iron Man and Captain America for iPhone.

A range of 8 ultra-cool, officially licensed cases for Apple gadgets has been created by PDP (Performance Designed Products) and are up for grabs for a limited time only – costing $30 each.

The fantastic clip cases come in a choice of iPhone or iPod Touch size and include vintage-style comic detailing snagged straight from the original art from titles like The Amazing Spiderman, Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk – these by master illustrators such as Todd McFarlane and John Romita Jr. For late-comers there’s even a case for fan’s of Marvel movies – a stylish number emblazoned with Capt’s famous star-spangled shield as seen in the recent big screen outing.

These are well worth checking out for any gadget packing fan-boy (or girl!) at http://www.pdp.com

You may remember one of Performance Designed Products toys from one of the Gadget Helpline’s previous articles. They’re the company behind the fatally awesome Mortal Kombat arcade-style Fight Stick! Read about it – here.

And take a look at the Captain America themed headphones currently hitting shelves to celebrate the release of the blockbuster movie – here.    

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