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Major Nelson’s countdown to E3 starts… Xbox 720 to be announced?

What does a countdown mean? Well, if it’s posted by Microsoft’s Major Nelson, the man who is in charge of programming for Microsoft’s Xbox Live network, then it’s going to be something of major interest to all gamers out there.

The countdown itself is leading to the annual E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles so it could just be as innocent as the company starting a countdown to the biggest gaming show on the planet, but with this being a not-so-big year for Xbox (no major exclusives are currently pencilled in), all we can do is speculate.

When it comes to Microsoft’s consoles and speculation there is only one thing on our minds; the next generation of Xbox consoles, tentatively called the Xbox 720 by the media.

There has been rumours galore about the next generation of the console which will undoubtedly already be in preparation, but with a new console taking years to design, build and market, it’s not surprising there are rumours. However, 2013 may just be the year that the Xbox 360 starts to wind down and the 720 becomes the new go-to console for Xbox fans.The original Xbox 360 was revealed back in May 2005 to great applause and since then has consistently been on top of console sales. Going through several re-designs, the 360 has continued to be an effective gaming machine and in recent years it has turned into a media centre and motion control system.

All we can really guarantee from the next Xbox console is that it will have super HD graphics… everything else is just speculation.

Roll on E3!

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