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Google Play Magazines launches in the UK

If you’re always looking for new stuff to download from the Play Store, we have good news for you. Google has launched a Magazines section here in the UK that allows you subscribe to your favourite magazines in digital form and read them on the go with a smartphone or tablet.

Open up the Play Store on your device – go on, do it, right now! – and you’ll see there’s a new Magazine category wedged in between Books and Movies. Fire it up and you get the option to install a new Magazine app for reading and to browse the Play Store for content.

The Magazine section offers Google’s usual approach to content, with books selected to suit you, weekly favourites, seasonal specials, deals and local picks. To coincide with the launch Google is offering some 30 day trials to tempt new users, with big names like Vogue, GQ, T3 and Total Film all featured.

Each publication offers a yearly subscription or single issue buy, the latter of which range from free through to around £5.99. When previewing a title you can easily see how many copies you’ll get in a year’s subscription as well as large page previews to give you a taster of what’s on offer. The usual options to rate and review, share via Google+ and read user reviews are all there, as well as the option to view back issues, which is neat.

The Magazine app itself is pretty basic and uninspiring however, with pages not automatically going full screen on our Galaxy S3. Pinch to zoom is possible to make things easier to read, especially on smaller screen devices, though you’ll probably not need this on an Android tablet as it’s a nice size and layout for straightforward reading.

Why not head into the Play Store now and check it out? 

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