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Mac OS X Lion release date: July 20th?

The release date for the next Mac operating system, Mac OS X Lion, has been shrouded in mystery since Apple lifted the lid on it at WWDC. All we’ve known for sure since then has been that Apple was looking to launch the OS around the end of July. We’re getting towards that mythical date now, which is probably why a new release date rumour has surfaced.
According to AppleInsider sources with “people with proven track records,” Mac OS X Lion will launch tomorrow, on July 20th, at around 8.30am in the US (6.30pm in the UK). This has been fuelled by suggestions that Apple Stores have been given the software to upload onto store computers.

Mac OS X Lion will be available as an upgrade to anyone running OS X Snow Leopard. You’ll be able to do so – when it does actually go live – by heading to the Mac App Store, where the painless process will set you back £29.99. New features include Launchpad – an iPad style view of your applications – and Mission Control – a better way to see all your windows and running tasks at once.

Are you excited about Mac OS X Lion? Do you believe this latest rumour? Let us know your thoughts on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.

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