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Mac OS X 10.9 software to bring changes to Finder and Safari?

More and more speculation is mounting up surrounding Apple’s long rumoured OS X software and an incoming upgrade, as today Apple-centric tech site 9to5mac.com has reported that a new update will be coming to Apple devices soon and it will come with a few updates to Mac devices.

The big rumour is surrounding a major change-up with Finder and how Apple can make it work better and offer changes to enable power users to navigate through their Mac at and even quicker breakneck pace.

9to5mac states that the new OS X is internally codenamed “Cabernet” and will update many of Finder’s features, including tabbed browsing and the ability to tag things to make searching your Mac easier.

What’s more, an update to Safari is also set to take centre stage with a redesigned an improved back end that will see vast speed improvements for users when they are loading pages online.

Other rumours are surrounding Apple bringing Siri-like features to its desktop and laptop computers and integrating many of the iPhone/iPad features into the OS X system. Multiple monitor support for different full-screen apps will also be unveiled.

Apple’s OS X updates normally come out in the summer and with Apple being the habitual animal it is, we see no reason for the company to change it this year.

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