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Looted Laptop thief found using hidden tracking software!

There has been a lot of media coverage of the recent Riots that have happened around the UK, with Politicians looking at the banning of social network sites, due to their involvement in the organization of some of these riots. There was also one poor guy who was arrested for trying to set up a large scale ‘water fight’ (yes the kind with balloons and super soakers).

Looters though they had got away with a MacBook Pro and other items when they raided flat in west Kensington. Unlucky for them the stolen MacBook belonged to an information security professional, who has worked with the likes of NASA and the FBI (what a guy to rob).

It turns out that Greg Martin a 29-year-old Texan had installed the Gadget tracking software Prey on his MacBook, so when Mr high class looter, thought lets use the internet on my shiny new Macbook, an email was fired of to Greg in his hotel in Luxembourg where he was then able to watch Mr high society surf the web, all I imagine is Mr burns rolling his fingers and muttering ‘excellent’.

All Greg had to wait for was wait through 2 hours of religious videos and Mercedes shopping before the thief logged on to Facebook, handing over all his personal details that were then given to the Police.

The 18 year old thief has now been charged with handling stolen goods and will appear before magistrates on Friday.

Some of the gadget-tracking software availibleb includes LocateMyLaptopGadgetTrakLoJack for Laptops or Apple’s own Find My Mac, which is also available for the iPad and iPhone.

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