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Logitech Brings Game to Apple iPhone 5 – Controller Accessory Spotted in Leak

Last week at the annual WWDC Apple announced its plans to bring iPhone users improved support for mobile gaming with the arrival of iOS 7 this autumn. Days after this news broke, a leaked photo has surfaced from peripheral maker Logitech (who created the washable keyboard for PC) which reveals one of the dedicated add-ons we can expect as Apple’s revamped operating system gets game.

The as-of-yet unnamed Logitech product appeared first on Kotaku and despite the image being a little grainy gives a good idea of the look of the gaming gadget. The controller features a slot for the iPhone to fit comfortably within but without any undue movement and the usual array of buttons and a D-pad are present.

The image also reveals the accessory will feature a Lightning port connection. This being the new standard for charging Apple’s mobile devices which was introduced to the iPhone 5 when it launched in September 2012. The inclusion of this add-on quite likely confirms it’s compatibility with the future iPhone 5S, expected later in the year.

With this in mind, we think it’s likely we won’t see this Logitech controller for a few more months at least; nearer the release of iOS 7 is a likely guess. There’s also yet to be any official word on price but we will keep you posted!

Image source: Kotaku

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