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Location History, Web, App & Search Privacy Update

Location History on your Google account page is soon to have a new button. Google have announced they will be changing things up a little bit. With the roll-out started, what does it mean and how will it benefit you?

Possibly due to data breaches in the recent past, not just Googles either. Possibly due to not wanting any trouble with GDPR? Regardless of the reason, Google may just not want the chance of being in hot water. Regulatory speaking anyway.

Up until this imminent update, your accounts history has either been on or off. You could even select to delete all information stored, through your own account login. Even after the update you will still be able to.

Currently, web and app activity can be paused via the account page, or turned back on.

By clicking the link below you can check to see if your own history is on, or on pause. You may need to log in first:

Web & App activity

Location History Deletion

Google makes most of its money from advertising. It uses the data it gains from the public and other sources to promote targeted adverts. If you are concerned for your own personal data being strewn across the internet, this is one way of stopping the flow. Googles apps will say that if you disable these features, some features may not work. While this is true, most of the features can be enabled at will. All the other information should not be required.

The roll out has already started. Keep checking your account page to see if it has updated or not.

The change is that you will be given the option to auto delete the last x amount of time. Say, for example, you set it for three months. By then end of those three months your history will auto delete.

While this is a welcome addition, you cannot help but wonder why.
Maybe, giving people the option to auto delete will give Google more data to play with? Quite a lot more we imagine. More than everyone just tapping pause and forgetting about it…

Source: Google rolling out auto delete options

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