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LG’s Stylish Prada 3.0 Smartphone Leaks Ahead of Tonight’s Catwalk Event

LG’s fourth collaboration with fashion brand Prada is set to hit the catwalk tonight at an event in London, but some decidedly official looking press pictures of the smartphone have leaked ahead of schedule.

Known as the Prada 3.0, this is an Android smartphone with a fashionable twist. LG has provided the hardware and tech know-how, while Prada’s designers have influenced the look and feel of the phone. It will run Android Gingerbread (version 2.3.7), feature a 1GHz OMAP4 processor, high definition screen and 8GB of internal storage which can be expanded using a Micro SD card.

As you can see in the picture above, the software doesn’t look like the Android operating system you or I are really used to. LG has redesigned the user interface to feature lots of dark blacks and whites, with icons and menus also redesigned to give a ‘premium’ feel.

On the back of the phone we can see a textured back cover which surrounds an 8-Megapixel camera with a single LED flash and Full HD video capture. At the bottom of the back casing we can see two small slots which should represent the speaker location. The phone is supermodel-thin at just 8.5mm thick, giving the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II a run for their money.

The front of the phone features a glossy black finish with the 4 familiar Android touch buttons at the bottom. The screen is 4.3-inches in size, and is one of LG’s fantastic NOVA displays, meaning it has 800 nits of brightness – nice and vivid, colourful with deep blacks.

LG has released two phones in collaboration with Prada before – the KE850 Prada and the QWERTY sliding KF900 Prada. Though the phones didn’t start a fire in the mobile phone world, you were guaranteed to turn heads if you whipped one out of your pocket in a public place.

LG and Prada are set to unveil the Prada 3.0 smartphone at a swanky event in London tonight. Unfortunately we’re not considered fashionable enough to attend, but you can be sure we’ll have all of the official details and pictures when the phone is announced later on today.

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Via: Engadget

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