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LG passive 3D technology coming to Sony TV?

LG Display is reportedly set to work with Sony in providing passive LCD 3D technology television screens after FPR 3D first appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January.

With this proposed bold union, LG have put their company in direct competition with Samsung, the current market leader for 3D televisions. Samsung currently dominates 60% of that market providing a 3D alternative utilising active shutter technology.

Samsung, however are quick to fire back at the suggested challenge to their business with president Yoon Boo-Keun stating “FPR can’t realise Full HD images as it has technological drawbacks, limiting its use to small-sized mobile gadgets.”

LG making screens for Sony and a united charge into the third-dimension of television is only speculated at this point, but if confirmed, it could be enough to spark a battle for the ever-growing 3D market, with Samsung actively leading the 3D revolution.

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