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LG G watch – Android Smart-watch review

Lg G watch – fresh in with an unbroken seal

The first generation of Android wear is here and we have got our hands on the LG G watch which hits the market on July 7th along with competitor Samsung’s Gear 2 smart watch. As with most android devices it is charged by a Micro USB that connects directly to the charging base provided. The set up itself is relatively easy, charge the watch, install the Android Wear app, Set up the watch, and install apps. The watch itself seems pretty sturdy and well built, which may account for it being the heavier of the first wave of Android smart watches, tipping the scales at 63g. The strap supplied to support the behemoth watch face is made of a foam like material which while very sleek and stylish feels like it may rip or break at some point, however the LG G watch has the pretty nifty ability to swap the default strap with any standard 22mm watch strap.

Lg G Watch – box contents

It could be argued that the G watch is possibly the ugliest of the three devices offering Android Wear, the Google created smart watch platform, in fact it is miles behind the Moto 360 which runs the same android firmware but just feels classier. The G watch is not ugly but at the same time its place as a fashion statement lies more in its tech credentials than its desirability to the average fashionista. It’s not quite a fashion statement and at the same time it doesn’t seem as tough and durable as it needs to be to operate as an everyday watch. The time pieces we wear on family days out or to the gym get rattled around, beaten and scuffed and it doesn’t feel like the G watch would be tough enough to function in this way but that said it is touted as being water and dust resistant so you can at least use it in the bath.

The G Watch is compatible with a whole host of Android phones running on version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or higher which is good news for non LG phone owners. SO whether you have pre-ordered the Samsung S5 Mini or you have the newly released LG G3 you’ll have no problems taking the G Watch for a spin.

The range of Android Wear apps.

The screen on the LG G watch is bright and attractive in its simplicity. The functionality of the software is still in its early days and with time we imagine that there will be more and more applications available (there are currently around 30 android wear compatible apps). Battery life may also be a point of contention as the watch is always connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, our best guess is that you will be charging the watch every day even with LG’s renown for battery life optimisation. All in all the LG G watch is perfectly fine piece of kit but you may be left wondering if this is down to the Android Wear platform rather than the watch itself.

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