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LG G Watch Spec Leak

Speculations are always rife as launch day looms, and why should the LG G Watch be any different?!

The G Watch is set to be the first wearable device to run the new Android Wear operating system, so it’s inevitable that people are curious about what’s to come next.

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Spec sheets and launch dates have been leaked through Twitter although none of this is official. The LG G Watch isn’t priced to undercut Samsung’s Gear watches as it is rumoured to have a price tag of around £180 (although it’s not official) and will apparently be launching in the UK on July 7th.

The Twitter specification leak came from @UpLeaks and they claimed the G Watch will have a 1.6-inch 280 x 280 display, a 400mAh battery and 4GB of storage. It is also set to have a 36-hour standby and 2-hours charge time with the capabilities of dictating texts and memos just by speaking to it.

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Google I/O is due to start on 25th June and Android Wear is expected to be unveiled in full detail showing its capabilities and will also debut other devices in the range.

The LG G Watch is has the potential to be a very powerful device, that could theoretically give the other Android Wear devices a run for their money.

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