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Forget Minecraft, Let’s ‘Build with Chrome’

If you have been hiding under a rock for the past year then you won’t have any idea what Minecraft is, and if you have had a sheltered childhood then you may not even know what Lego is.

These two pastimes are the same but also different in so many ways. Lego, founded in 1949 is one of the most popular children’s toys of all time, selling approximately 7 sets per second and has spawned multiple theme sets including Star Wars and Marvel.

Minecraft, created in 2011, has over 33,000,000 registered users, is available on multiple platforms, and has its own album of classic Minecraft tunes. And if by that point you still haven’t had enough brick building fun then there is a new kid on the block (forgive the pun).

‘Build with chrome’ is Google’s latest offering to the world. You may be forgiven for thinking that Google Maps isn’t as good as it used to be but you’d be wrong. On screen you’ll see Lego rendered versions of Australia and New Zealand; from here you can zoom in and view and edit other people’s Lego creations. You can select an empty plot and begin building your own slice of plastic paradise, and ss you can see from my efforts it takes a lot a practice and patience to create a 3D work of art.

With official Lego partnership and more countries becoming available in the future, I can see this becoming the latest time killer for people with too much time on their hands.

I personally would love to see this feature added to the Google Goggles – imagine walking through London and in place of the real Big Ben you see an augmented reality version of one of London’s most famous landmarks built entirely out of Lego by the secretary of a company based in Japan who didn’t have much else to do on her lunch break.

And who knows maybe we’ll see a Lego version of ‘build with chrome’ at some point down the line being sold in toy shops right next to the official Minecraft Lego.

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