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LEGO / Minecraft Partnership Official – Construction Toy Maker Talks Online Gaming

After a much anticipation and massive fan-backing, brick-making toy co. LEGO has confirmed it will be working with the creators of popular PC and mobile OS game Minecraft and has spoken about its plans to bring the childhood classic into an online partnership with a new game in the making!

It’s a match made in Heaven and, with the obvious similarities between both brands, back in early December it was reported that Minecraft inspired LEGO has received an adequate amount of support by the public to be awarded its own legit LEGO license. The construction game’s interesting concepts and photos of LEGO used to build Minecraft style structures appeared on the Danish toy-makers LEGO CUUSOO site, a place where ideas can be shared for consideration for future projects and toy lines.

The concept received over 10,000 votes from LEGO lovers but the direction of the partnership was left unanswered with Minecraft floating around in the review stage before LEGO’s “jury” (as Minecraft’s makers call it) decides what to do with the idea. Almost two months later LEGO has addressed the question, suggesting that a new game will be born from the perfect union. LEGO says that its snap together with Minecraft will offer “a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft and we can’t wait to show it to you.”

We thought that virtual versatile Minecraft would become a physical toy, but it seems LEGO has other plans to benefit both brands online presence – Maintaining LEGO’s strength in the computer games world following a range of licenses such as Batman and Harry Potter, and well as giving the DIY games co. behind Minecraft a serious and long deserved endorsement.

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