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New Name & Leaked Shots for Sony Ericsson’s Last Smartphone – “Nozomi” to become Xperia Arc HD

Just this Monday, official looking promotional material for the final smartphone to emerge from the Sony Ericsson partnership, the ‘Nozomi’ as it was codenamed, was leaked online and just two days later another, unofficial, image surfaces for the gadget now becoming more familiarly known as the Xperia Arc HD.

The leaked shot reveals the phone’s front with generous touchscreen display, as well as the stylish white backing. The Xperia branding was predictable with the similarities clear for all to see and this Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured Android handset is set to be the last to carry the collaborative branding of Sony Ericsson following Sony’s recent buyout. The Sony name will remain and there are some big plans for the future of Sony’s mobile range. We can only hope the Xperia range will continue to move forward also, with the flagship Arc HD saying goodbye to one generation, with the best yet to come.

From earlier info on the Sony Ericsson Nozomi – now Xperia Arc HD – we understand it will be a dual-core offering, supported by 1GB of RAM with a 720p display which looks a good size from the shots leaked so far (no official dimensions are given yet). The future Xperia is also said to feature high-def video recording through a 12-megapixel shooter and output at 1080p resolution.

Mark this information as rumour – and look forward to at least two more months of speculation ahead of February’s big MWC event in Barcelona where Sony is suggested to debut the Nozomi under the Xperia range.

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