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Leaked Samsung roadmap hints at 4.99-inch Full HD Galaxy S4 coming before March

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S4 could be launching a little earlier than we thought, if a leaked roadmap is anything to go by.

The Korean manufacturer showed off a plan of action for smartphone screen types at last week’s CES event in Las Vegas, which in theory tells us when their next latest and greatest phone will launch. The roadmap details the improvements in smartphone screen technology from Q2 2010 through until Q1 of 2013.

According to Samsung’s poster it will launch a product with a 4.99-inch Full HD display; something it hasn’t done just yet, but going by the Q1 2013 estimate, it will do before the end of March. The screen before it in the roadmap is the Galaxy Note II’s 5.55-inch HD display, so in theory that Full HD display will belong to the next Galaxy S.

Just like other recently announced Full HD phones such as the Xperia Z from Sony, Samsung’s display will have an eye-popping 440 pixels per inch on a near-5-inch screen size. This incredibly high resolution should produce a stunning image quality for images, HD videos and web browsing.

With the roadmap hinting at a launch before the end of March we could very well see a new Galaxy S revealed in Barcelona next month at the annual Mobile World Congress event.

The company recently announced that it had reached a total of 100 million sales of its Galaxy S products, and we’re sure that a fourth generation model will see that number soar to dizzying new heights.

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