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Another Leaked Samsung Galaxy SIII Photo Surfaces – Rumoured to Feature Quad-core CPU & Android ICS

Now that Apple’s New iPad has finally been unleashed and the rumours surrounding the highly-hyped tablet have been silenced, we’ve come back around to speculation slamming Samsung and the possible existence of a Galaxy SII smartphone successor, which is yet to be officially confirmed.

Korean-based mobile maker Samsung remains tight-lipped over the possibility that a follow-up is in the making, or possibly even doing the rounds as we speak, with leaks of a Galaxy SIII surfacing on almost a weekly basis. From unofficial insider tweets, to publicly listed page markers on retail websites even suggesting a release date for the follow-up to the one time “World’s Most Powerful Smartphone”.

One of the main sources of speculation, and one that has more often than not been proven as a hoax, is the “leaked” photos we keep seeing popping up online. A new leak arrives just days after the last one, which looked pretty legit, featuring official-looking branding and hints of an announcement date. Good job, but sadly it was discovered to be the work of a faker.

Another such leak has emerged, this time showing the supposed SGSIII in a more natural setting. This model looks very non-descript and similar to the previous Galaxy S II mobile – we were hoping for something a little more stylish. The handset in this photo doesn’t resemble the last one we saw, which was sleek and appeared to feature a white trim.

We await the news that this one is also a mockery, but we can share a few details about the possible spec behind the next Samsung Galaxy S; it’s said that the gadget will feature 4.7” Super AMOLED display, boast 2GB of RAM and run on an impressive Exynos Quad-Core CPU. Gadget Helpline hopes for some firm news on this one to finally arrive very soon!

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