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AGA iTotal Control Cooker Can be Controlled Remotely Using Your Phone

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Here at Gadget Helpline we firmly believe that home automation is the future of tech; the next big thing. Being able to control everything from the lights in your house to running a bath from a smartphone is awesome, and we think everybody should be able to do it.

The great thing about home automation is that it can be applied to any room in the house and all sorts of different appliances. Famed for its big, traditional farmhouse-style rangemaster ovens, AGA isn’t a brand we would ever associate with high-tech, but it has now joined the home automation market with the awesome iTotal Control Cooker.

On the outside it looks much like the original Rangemaster cookers, with two large stove plates and three ovens. However, in the top right corner is a touchscreen panel that allows the user to control each of the ovens and stoves.

That’s not all though – an app can be downloaded onto iPhone, iPad and all Android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to remotely turn on your oven and set the temperature from wherever you are. At last, we can save the precious time spent waiting for the oven to preheat by telling it to turn on before you’ve even left work!

If you don’t have a smartphone you can still remotely control this oven using the humble text message. Your iTotal Control Cooker has its very own mobile number, so sending a text containing one of several commands will let it know what to do.

We think it’s an awesome idea and more kitchen appliance manufacturers should get on board with home automation. Imagine being able to set your dishwasher while doing the shopping or having a perfectly pre-heated oven by the time you get home from work!

Unfortunately the iTotal Control Cooker has a price tag that’s on the steep side – £10,190 to be precise. If that doesn’t deter you from having a super-techy kitchen though, you can get your hands on one from June 1st. It’ll also be on show at the Chelsea Flower Show, which is currently underway and continues until May 26th.

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