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Kobo launches Aura HD e-reader to rival Kindle range

With hopes of taking on the might of Amazon and its Kindle brand, Kobo has just launched a brand new e-reader that features a high definition display, the Kobo Aura HD.

Available in three different colours – white, black and a gold/brown – the Aura HD is said to offer a reading experience that’s the closest to physical books anyone has ever seen on an e-reader.

This is thanks to the HD display, of course, which marks a new high for e-readers with a sharp 265 dots per inch. Compare that to Amazon’s current flagship Kindle, the Paperwhite, which has 212 dots per inch, and there’s a clear winner.

The Aura HD also has a slightly larger display, measuring 6.8-inches. That’s .8 of an inch larger than its rival Kindle; although that sort of size difference won’t be making waves amongst customers we’re sure.

Kobo is aiming the new model at the hardcore bookworms out there, hence the price. Priced at £139.99, it’s set to become one of the most expensive e-readers on the market, and is a good twenty quid more than the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon.

“Kobo Aura HD is designed for the most passionate booklovers – those who devour hundreds of stories each year – who asked us to create the ultimate e-reading experience,” said Kobo chief executive Michael Serbinis.

You’ll find the Kobo Aura HD sold through WH Smiths in the UK, as well as select retailers online in the coming weeks. The HD display itself looks great, but with a price tag like that we can see many just opting to spend a little more to get a full-blown tablet like the Nexus 7.

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