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Kinect Star Wars Social App Available Today For Android and Apple iOS

Here’s another Star Wars tie-in that promises to bring the magic of the Saga to our mobile gadgets, uniting the universe through a social app and celebrating the recent release of Kinect Star Wars for the motion control Xbox 360 accessory!

The app is available now on Android and Apple iOS platforms and combines a stylish flow based on the Windows Phone operating system’s integrated social feeds, with Facebook and Twitter both included laden with themes, graphics and backgrounds based on the Kinect Star Wars game including the opening crawl and epic theme tune.

Once you’ve connected to either Facebook or Twitter or both, the app is useful for bringing all our friends social posts into one place with the added appeal of the Saga. You can also view your followers and profile on Twitter or update your own Facebook status and images (as links) via your social networking accounts.

Essentially though, this is an advertising tool and much of the usefulness is hindered (and considerably slowed down) by a reminder of that fact – a large portion of the app devoted to promoting the Kinect Star Wars game and an entire newsfeed dedicated to the ramblings of R2D2 and C3PO. “This is the social networking app you’ve been looking for” suggests the hype on the respective app markets. Perhaps it is, but we’d maybe prefer a stand-alone social tool that’s not tied to the Kinect for Xbox 360 game.

Unfortunately, disappointingly and contrary to the images shown on the app stores, the promise that we would be able to view our feeds in the style of the iconic Star Wars opening sequence isn’t to be believed and rather than disappear into the distance, in a perspective view, the scroll for news feeds is simply flat and uninspiring.

The Kinect Star Wars app does have its uses and does appeal to the fan but the Force could be stronger with this one. It’s free, so we aren’t complaining. Why not give it a try for yourself and grab the social app from Google Play or the Apple App Store (to arrive later today, presumably!)

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