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Kinect And Move Coming To FIFA 13

EA confirmed today that they will be bringing Playstation Move and Kinect support, for the first time ever, to its FIFA Football series.

The news comes on the day that EA releases FIFA 12, which was so successful that there were midnight launches across the country last night.  From what we saw at our local Tesco, there must have been queues of hundreds long across the country.

Discussing the decision to bring motion control to the franchise, EA Sports’ Executive Producer David Rutter tried to allay fears that it would be a gimmick and wouldn’t effect its core fan base.

“It’s about trying to make it part of the game in a good way, rather than have it as a clichéd marketing gimmick,” Rutter declared.

And EA Sport’s Senior VP Andrew Wilson also ehoed this sentiment: “The core focus for us is still on 11-versus-11, twitch-based gameplay. That’s where we’re investing heavily.”

FIFA 12’s launch last night was one of the biggest and caused quite a stir at retail with a bidding war breaking out amongst supermarkets and the traditional games shops.

HMV will charge you just £1.99 if you’re willing to part with last week’s F1 2011, Amazon has begun selling the game for £25 and finally Sainbury’s are selling it for £30 if you spend £30 in-store at the same time.

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