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Kindle Fire Has Root, But Should You Do It?

The Kindle Fire Tablet has been out less than a week and we already have a one click Root for it. But is it worth it? I’m going to take you through some pros and cons.


If you got the Kindle Fire for a simple to use tablet then we would suggest you leave it as it is. It looks a delight to use and Amazon have customized the UI to make it easy to navigate and easy to use.

If this was the reason you chose the Fire, then rooting will not be for you!

You got the Fire for a cheap Android Tablet

In this case you may want to start learning what rooting is and how to do it. By rooting an Android device you gain so much more control of the Android system, especially with the Amazon software modified the way it is. You will be able to install apps that the standard software will not allow you to, and you will be able to prep the tablet for a world of new developments that will be happening shortly.

You love your Fire but you want to tweak it a little

Again, rooting could be for you. It will give you the ability to improve the speed of the tablet, give you the ability to install other apps not meant for the device, and you will get a few more mods you can do, but just remember once you pop, you just cant stop!

If you root your Kindle Fire, ultimately someone is going to get the new Android 4.0.1 software running on the device, which will take your Kindle fire from a posh eReader with a few more features to a full-blown Android tablet. Yes, it’s a little nervy at first, but once you start customising an Android device it is insanely hard to stop (I know as I’m in that place just now). But, ultimately it’s your decision.

Read up on the rooting procedure and investigate the process before you jump in, but like I said once you’re in you may not get out!

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