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Amazon’s Kindle Fire is Lighting up the Android Tablet Market in the U.S.

When Amazon announced their new E-Reader/Tablet a few months ago, people were not too sure what to make of the device. It is an Android-running device but it is not widely publicised what version of Android the tablet uses thanks to the overlay that Amazon has used.

The tablet is a snappy little thing and although it only packs a 1GHz dual-core processor, thanks to the customised version of Gingerbread it runs is very smoothly.

This little tablet comes in at a very reasonable $199 (£125), and thanks to this price bracket it is fast becoming the most wanted device by Android developers in the US

Amongst developers surveyed by Appcelerator and IDC, 49 percent said they considered the Kindle Fire as their primary target. It narrowly beat Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab, which garnered 48 percent of the vote. Pocketgamer reported on the survey results. The rival Nook Color from Barnes & Noble only garnered 24 percent of the vote.

The UK release date of the Kindle Fire is still unknown, but with the number of sales in the U.S. set to go through the roof, the news of the Kindle Fire 2 being released in 2012 has already surfaced.  There is a chance that the original Fire wont even hit UK shores and Amazon will hold out till the Fire 2 comes out.

The rumours are that Amazon are doing a complete redesign of the Fire for the second edition, this has a lot to do with the existing Fire tablet having the same look and feel as the BlackBerry Playbook.

I for one hope the Kindle Fire hits the UK, there is a good chance thanks to the price and interest in the tablet this could be the one that knocks the iPad off its pedestal.

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