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Kim Dotcom’s new ‘Mega’ cloud storage service has 1 million users within 24 hours

The internet is currently awash with excitement for a new file sharing service called ‘Mega’. Why are people so excited? It’s the rebirth of the hugely popular Megaupload, and the brains behind the new system is none other than Kim Dotcom.

After Megaupload and Megavideo were shut down for obvious legal reasons, Dotcom – real name Kim Schmitz – has launched “Mega”. The service was made available for public sign ups this past Saturday and over one million users have already joined.

Dotcom himself confirmed the numbers, exclaiming “We cannot be stopped”. He hosted a launch event which was open to the press at his New Zealand mansion, where he spoke out about the closure of Megaupload – with an ensemble of scantily glad girls, of course.

“Those who try to stifle technology and innovation will be left on the side of the road in innovation and history” he said.

The new site uses a very complex encryption method that ensures files are secure, and can only be decrypted and viewed by the original owner, using a unique decryption tool that is provided for every upload. The encryption is said to mean that even Mega itself doesn’t know the nature of the files stored on its website, which we’re guessing is a get out of jail free card for any legal issues that may arise.

New users can now sign up for an account with Mega, with new accounts getting 50GB of storage to start with and the option to pay for more if you need it. For those who are still wary of cloud storage, this looks to be a good bet thanks to the extremely high encryption that will be applied to your files.

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