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John Lewis Offers Six Months Free Broadband Internet to Tech Customers

Fancy department chain John Lewis has launched an incentive plan to get tech buyers to grab their web-based gadgets in its stores and online to gain a ‘free’ 6-month sample of its own branded broadband service.

Pick up anything from the latest Apple iPad to a Kindle or Smart TV and John Lewis will kindly hook you up with half a year of free internet to enjoy downloading content on your brand new device. The small catch is that customers will have to front a £13.50 a month line rental and agree to another 6 months paid to complete a full 12 months contract after the offer period ends (now you know why we said free).

However, if you do decide to add a John Lewis Broadband account to your purchase there are a number of packages available which will have you fully set up. After the initial six months, packages cost £11 per month and £18 per month for Standard 20GB or Unlimited data usage respectively and a there’s also a 1GB fibre optic service available for £25 per month. All packages include a wireless router and PC security software.

The deal is available through John Lewis stores and online from today and can only be taken advantage of once. So if you try cashing in on another free six months on your next gadget purchase it’s a no go.

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