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Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy SIII Caught on Video

With claims of Samsung’s Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 being just days away, we’ve been treated to an early (and lengthy) video demonstration of the software in action.

AndroidMX have uploaded a 10 minute video of the update running on his handset, which they claim is the official ROM that Samsung is said to be sending out to SIM-free devices in Europe later this month. It certainly looks like the real deal, and we can’t see any hints of fake here.

From the video it seems Samsung won’t be making massive changes to the user interface of the Galaxy SIII – the update is more a case of mixing the old with the new. The TouchWiz Nature UX interface remains the same, but has been tweaked with a flavouring of Jelly Bean. For example, the dock now features the full time and date at the top, with a little change-around of the Settings icon too.

Screenshots have also been improved, with a much bigger image of each screenshot now viewable in the notification tray, along with a share icon for quicker uploading and sending.

Jelly Bean’s star feature Google Now is integrated by means of the Google Search bar on the homescreen, unlike the tap and slide up option in the dock of the Google Nexus. The new voice and location search feature seems to look and work the same as it does on the plain version of Jelly Bean, and seems pretty nippy too.

Our Spanish isn’t great so unfortunately we can’t understand much of what our demonstrator is telling us, but we reckon you can learn plenty from looking. Take a look:

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