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Only in Japan!: Sony’s New Xperia Charging Gadget is a Proper Wind-up!

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Sony has recently launched an onslaught of impressive smartphones since taking sole ownership of the Sony Ericsson brand. The west has witnessed the Android ICS awesomeness of the Xperia S, U and P all of which the Gadget Helpline has seen in action – meanwhile the east is eagerly awaiting the Xperia SX and GX both featuring highly demanding 1.5GHz dual-core processors, the kind that can be hungry for a battery’s charge. In Sony’s land of origin – Japan, this has been addressed and along with a serious gadgetyness of the stunning smartphones, the country’s tech buyers will also see the most unusual of accessories released on June the 20th.

When we saw this was a legit product coming from Sony we thought it was a wind-up. Well, actually it is. A wind-up charging device for Xperia smartphones, which is available (for now) Only in Japan! This solution to constant charging via a USB and provides a pocket power source that require only a little wrist action to keep your gadget pumped. Three minutes of winding will give enough juice to charge an Xperia smartphone for five minutes of call time and another five minutes of cranking will let you browse the web for a full minute!

Of course, a standard USB charger will be supplied with the Xperia SX and GX and the wind-up device will only be used as an emergency source of energy, the people of Japan will not be expected to spend ever free moment turning the handle!

Both of the newly revealed Sony Xperia Japan exclusive models come with newest Android OS update Ice Cream Sandwich with the Xperia SX coming along with 3.7” Mobile Bravia display with dual core processing delivered by 1.5GHz CPU and packing an 8-megapixel camera.

The Xperia GX features a much larger 4.6” display, same processing prowess as the smaller model, but with a camera boost to 13-megapixels with full HD video recording and 1080p output which 16GB internal storage to keep it all. This one comes in white with a stylishly curved shape unlike the sharp and straight edged Xperia S which we recently reviewed.

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