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Only in Japan! – Pop star sensation is CGI creation!

Real music fans will regard most pop stars as “fake” – and the Japanese are giving us another good reason to believe it – Taking it quite literally!

A Japan-based candy company has admitted a secret behind its current marketing sensation. Girl group AKB 48 – an Eastern pop phenomenon comprised of 48 wannabe pop starlets – feature in the ad campaign with seven of the lovely ladies appearing in the promotional clip.

However, it’s now been spotted that Aimi Eguchi, the girl most featured, is not what she appears to be. And before you watch the clip let me save you male readers the heartbreak – Miss Eguchi is made entirely of computer-generated imagery.

Despite being sweet as candy and unimaginably immaculate, the Japanese viewing public noticed something a little eerie and unnatural about the dainty digital diva and now Ezaki Glico, the confectioners behind the advert (and also those addictive Pocky sticks!) has been forced to reveal the real deal about their leading lady.

Computer cutie Amie Eguchi is actually comprised of the scanned features of the other six girls and put together in a digital “lab” in what some are referring to as a “CGI-Frankenstein” fashion.

But let’s face it – the literary Doc’s creation never looked this good!

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