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ONLY IN JAPAN: Naked Lady in a Bath Tub iPhone Case Making Waves in the Far East!

Inciting a suspicious bulge in the trouser area of many a Japanese teenage boy is this truly awesome mobile accessory which is proving quite popular on the web recently. Combining two of our favourite things – Apple iPhones and naked ladies in bath tubs – this one could only come from our friends in the Far East!

The Naked Lady in a Bath Tub iPhone case sells for about £20 on rough conversion and is actually two cases in one. The inner cover is a simple white non-descript sleeve like you could buy innocently in any mobile store – without exposing your perverted penchant for gadgets. The tub section is attachable and features the lady’s head and shoulder with a single seductive knee surfacing from some soapy water. This slips over the inner case leaving all the touchscreen functions, ports and peripheral free to use.

Not only does the NLiaBT cover provide a more appealing surface to your gadget it also serves the pretty practical purpose of doubling as a stand to prop up your iPhone both length-wise and width-wise for when you’re listening to the latest hit from candy-pop girl group AKB 48 or checking out some anime smut (we know the type of person you are!)

You can get this curiosity for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S from GauGau – a Japanese online retailer which deals in some seriously unusual add-ons for your favourite gadgets.

Clearly we could never really top this one, so this was the epic finale of the Gadget Helpline’s infrequently featured and oft-forgotten Far East freak-show. They’re done. No more. Ever! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the lovelorn robots, the Godzilla Christmas trees, the miniature plastic clones, the invisibility cloaks and the ass unlock steering systems that can be found Only in Japan! Domo Arigato!

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