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Only In Japan! Lightning-limbed arcade girl shows her skillz

Check out this button-bopping Japanese chick – Girl got some skillz!!

Showing off her amazing abilities in a YouTube video which has been spreading across the web this week, she gives this musical arcade gadget a rapid bashing – hundred hand slap style!

The game featured is a “Pop N Music” machine – a note-matching, button-blasting title from Konami, which is very over with Japanese arcade-rats and has spread to some consoles including Playstation, but the game is not well-known over here in the West. In fact the “Pop N Music” franchise is now on its nineteenth sequel in Japan, is backed by Disney and has even featured in its own movie!

This video was uploaded in 2006 so we’d take a guess at it being “Pop N Music FEVER” which is follow-up number 14. Leap ahead five years and we have to wonder if the lightning-limbed lady is still out there impressing gamers across the Japanese arcade circuit or has retired from gaming – possibly with career-threatening blisters!

However, we wouldn’t personally like to suggest that her mad skills have faded with time. She’d still probably be able to slap us 5681 times before we even finished the sentence!

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