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iTunes Match Launches Today, US Only For The Time Being

With todays launch of iTunes 10.5.1 iTunes match was released as expected. You may or may not be wondering what iTunes Match actually is.

Well iTunes Match is the license that will allow you to store your entire music library on the iCloud legally for $25 per year. Due to copy right laws without iTunes Match you are only able to store iTunes purchased music on the iCloud.

At the moment the service is only available in the US, but it will eventually migrate to the UK. For $25 it is a fair price for unlimited storage on Apples iCloud.  In theory what iTunes Match should do is match up any songs you have ripped from CD’s to the info on iTunes, but what it will actually do is turn any pirated songs you have downloaded legal for a mere $25 per year.

The new version of iTunes now comes with baked in iCloud support, and one of the main features of iCloud is the ability to stream music to any device connected to music, when I say stream the music is streamed and stored to the target device.

There is no news when iMatch will hit the UK, there might be a couple of different rules to get past before it is a feature that can be used in the UK. But it is a brilliant feature Apple has thought up and I will be very excided to see it come to our shore.

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