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Iron Man Xbox 360 console is the ultimate crossover for fanboys!

A company called Major League Mods has created the ultimate marvel for fanboys, featuring gaming and comic books in a crossover of epic proportions. It’s a customized Iron Man-themed Xbox 360 complete with ARC Reactor!

With an awesome paintjob by Nub Grafixs, the console comes in glossy red with gold edging, just like ol’ Shellhead’s trademark armour and packing the illuminating ARC Reactor – that all important bit that keeps the titanium titan ticking over. You’d be fooled to think this Xbox 360 had been stolen straight out of Stark Industries. In fact it comes in its own Stark Industries custom military-style case to lug around your console into battle, along with controller (also in Iron Man’s uniform red) and all the required cabling.

The Iron Man Xbox 360 follows up other Major League Mods custom console jobs including an incredible scaled down version of the Millenium Falcon and full-sized R2D2 from the Star Wars saga featuring some amazingly authentic details from moving parts to lighting – Check them out at mlmod.com.

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