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iPhone users find new glitches to enjoy on iOS 7.1

Having recovered from the initial excitement of Apple’s iOS 7.1 update arriving on earlier this week, the newness has kind of worn off. There are new glitches and of course iOS 8 to speculate about and look forward to, but first of all I am just going to just rant about the glitches and get them out of my system.

If you have an iPhone running iOS 7.1 then try this: take a picture and then go into Photos and Camera Roll. Select the picture you have just taken and go to message it to someone. The message screen will load up with the picture, so enter the contact you wish to send it to and then go to add some text to the message. At this point it will freeze (more often than not when using iMessage) – Annoying! So very very annoying! This is happening every single time I attempt it (even having backed up and reset the iPhone 5s).

Thankfully there is an easy work around – just go through messages instead of through the Camera Roll when sending a picture message and it works fine. Nonetheless, it’s a new niggle that is most definitely unwelcome.

The second major problem we have noticed with iOS 7.1 is more intermittent and doesn’t appear to be happening across the board. Some apps that require the use of the on screen number pad to enter PIN numbers or card details seem to magically lose the numbers (*cough* Barclays *cough*). We all know where the numbers are located and which pad is which but again it is just annoying and quite disconcerting when using certain apps (*cough* Barclays *cough*). Although this problem only began with the installation of the update it is more than likely that it will not be resolved by another iOS update but instead each app will update to work alongside iOS 7.1.

There has been other reported issues, like the battery indicator not ‘filling’ when a device is fully charged and appearing empty instead. This is not a glitch that we have observed personally but we believe it can be resolved by backing up and resetting the device, either via Settings > General > Reset or by performing a Restore with iTunes. Alternatively, having used the device for a brief period the battery bar magically recovers and will continue down from 99%.

At the moment these are the only faults we’ve come across with iOS 7.1. If you’ve encountered a glitch or problem since updating your iOS device, let us know by adding a comment below.

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