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iPhone Leak Suggests it Might Record 4K Video

We all know 1080p just isn’t enough right? Videos on your iPhone have been severely lacking those extra pixels for some time while your friends live it up producing clips in glorious 4K. Well now the tech has been around for a while it’s probably time for Apple to step up and start doing it to, that’s if the latest rumours are true.

A tipster on China’s Sina Weibo has posted what appear to be leaked details of the next iPhone’s rear camera, and it’ll reportedly jump to 12 megapixels with 4K video recording. It’s a leak, a rumour I do not guarantee this in anyway, but it does par with earlier claims that Apple’s future handset will focus on camera upgrades. You’re not likely to see design changes, if 9to5Mac’s photos are accurate, so the improvements will be focused around its internals such as photographic improvements like this.

No an iPhone with 4K sounds great in theory and yes Android handsets have had it for ages, but no one cares. So the question is whether or not 4K capture will matter much or will it be just another non feature. There are more 4K TVs these days, as well as a 5K iMac, but they’re still considered new and as such cost as much as a small car, so I’d be hard pushed to find somewhere to Play those Ultra HD videos in full detail, I can’t on the iPhone itself… That and the space you’ll need to store those 4K videos, they are huge, so there will be a small capacity for how much you can store.

There are of course the rumours that Apple is working on a cheap 4K iMac and apparently now leading the push for better quality content. If the iPhone is going 4K, it makes sense they would push affordable 4K macs, and vice cersa.

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