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iPhone Air delayed until 2015

Apple’s rumoured large screened iPhone 6, also dubbed the iPhone Air, could be delayed until as late as 2015 due to design issues with the battery and its size.

With the concept of the phone following that of the iPad Air, the design is slim and streamline- something most batteries aren’t. Also with the suspected larger 5.5 inch display, (compared to the 5S’ 4 inch screen) it will require more power than usual to keep it running smoothly. The manufacturers are struggling to reach the required specification from Apple for the slimmer, larger screened model.

As the iPhone Air (or iPhone 6 as some prefer to call it) has only ever been speculation, it’s not like people are already queuing to order it, so the delay isn’t going to greatly affect the general public much. However the impact on Apples grasp on the market may slip as the Phablet becomes ever more popular.

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There have been reports that Apple are set to release a smaller 4.7 inch screened phone nearing the end of this year; all of this because the iPhone Air won’t be made available in time, due to the manufacturing difficulties of the slimmer battery Apple so greatly want.

With competitors like Samsung and LG providing the consumer with the Phablets and large screened phones, Apple had better hope that whatever they release, it keeps their already swaying customers loyal. You have to ask, what will the rise of the Phablet mean for the iPad mini?

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