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iPhone 6 Goes Into Production in China Next Month *UPDATE* Release Date and Price Revealed

*UPDATE* – According to rumours, the iPhone 6 is said to rear its head on 19th September this year and will set you back around £500 for the 32GB, or £593 for the 64GB version. It wasn’t confirmed which or the two size variants this would be for, but more than likely the 4.7 inch model,  although that’s not official.

The mass production of two new iPhones, debuting larger screens, begins in China next month following competition from the likes of Samsung and HTC.

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The newer models are said to be thinner and more curved than the current models and will feature two screen size variations, 4.7 inches and a larger 5.5 inch handset. These larger handsets are designed to compete with current larger screened phones on the market that offer 5.7 inches of viewing pleasure. Something Apple has never done, until now.

The volume of phones being produced isn’t equal between the two size variations. Manufacturing constraints limits the number of 5.5 inch screened phones that can be produced; because of this it is expected by the manufacturers that more than 90% of the shipments will be for the smaller 4.7 inch model opposed to the 5.5 inch handset.

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The larger iPhone 6 is said to have limited availability because of, but not limited to, the screen being made of sapphire, which as of yet, isn’t available in large enough quantities. But who knows what might change when they actually become available to buy. No doubt ways around such problems will be found when profit is at stake.

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