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iPhone 6 to Have 50% Increase in Screen Resolution and Earlier Release Date

Recently I used a Galaxy S5 and the first thing I noticed was the improved clarity on screen when compared to an iPhone 5S (which I own). This bothered me and I felt somewhat inferior with my ‘Apple of Disappointment’, however it is said that Apple are now testing a sharper screen for the iPhone 6 to counter this and provide the screen of dreams!

It is rumoured that Apple are intending to release two versions of the Apple iPhone 6, at least one of which may have a screen with 1704 x 960 resolution – that’s a whopping 50% increase on the screen resolution that is on the current iPhone 5C and 5S which is 1136 x 640.

By increasing the screen resolution Apple will be giving developers a bit of a headache as they will need to optimise apps to work with this new resolution or sacrifice image quality or size. As you know already, it is widely believed Apple will release two variations of the iPhone 6 – one with a 4.7 inch screen and another with the 5.5 inch screen. If both of these screens are running at different resolutions this will add to the developers headaches further but hey-ho.

According to some sources one of the iPhone 6 versions could be released earlier than the traditional September date – If this is to happen then it likely to be the smaller screened model in August with the flagship larger screen version following later on. Either way, we are very much looking forward to pitting the Samsung S5 and iPhone 6 against each other to see what phone really is the top dog this year.

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