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iPhone 5 Still On Course For September Release

Apparently Apple’s iPhone 5 has now entered final testing and is on schedule for a September release, according to a source close to the matter the antenna is going through a final testing phase and the handset is said to go into full production in July.

Quite a few people seem to be in agreement that a Autumn release is most likely at the moment, especially after there was no new phone at this year’s WWDC.

The current thinking is the new phone will be released alongside the new iOS update which is pencilled in for Autumn release too.

According to the iOS 5 SDK, the next iPhone will be available in at least two models – codenamed N93 and N94. In the US Verizon has already confirmed twice that their version will offer global roaming capability offered by a range of other Verizon phones.

Also 9 t0 5 Mac have uncovered new files on the iOS software development kit that shows that the new iPhone will be able to play and record in full 1080p video.

If the iPhone 5 lands with 1080p video recording credentials, it will not be the first mobile handset to do so. Samsung’s market leading and hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S II currently sports an 8-meg snapper with the ability to record Full HD content as well as boasting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.

This almost certainly means that the new phone will have an improved snapper and is likely to be a similar 8-megapixels – with the phone being powered by the same a5 dual-core chip that powers the new iPad 2.

A simultaneous iPhone 5/iOS 5 release would be a compelling offer for many consumers and it would see Apple being top dog over the Christmas period once again.

New additions to the iOS include; Notification Center, Newstand, iMessage, Reminder, PC Free and AirPlay mirroring along with updates to Mail, Safari and the camera app.

Apple usually holds an annnual iPod event in September, so we suspcet that the iPhone 5 will officially be unveiled them, and will probably go on sale in September as well.

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