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iPhone 5 Rumours Surface Again

Rumours are surfacing on the internet today about Apple’s next iPhone, reports coming from China Times are suggesting a new model will launch in September, with a bigger screen. According to the report,  it is going to be available in black and white and could be substantially cheaper.

It would appear Apple is planning to try and reduce the cost of the new iPhone 5, as they want to try and attract the more budget conscious consumers.

But can they achieve this without compromising the quality? Well if they can make more phones at a cheaper price this is a possibility.

Reports have come to us via the Chinese Times which indicate that the new iPhone will also sport a increased screen size from 3.7 to 4-inches.

There are also rumours that it will come with a new scratch resistant screen and metal rear cover, after Apple struggled with manufacturing the white iPhone 4 due to the glass used for the front and back of the product.

Android handsets that have had larger screens have been very successful. So it would be a sensible move for Apple to do this, as a bigger screen is better for games and all types of multimedia – and is always a great selling point.

We’ve also come across images of internal parts which suggest that the new phone will come in both silver and white at launch.

According to the reports from the China Times, producton will start in the third quarter of this year pointing to a September release and most importantly well before the Christmas rush.

Interestingly, the China Times have also suggested that there will be NFC tech within the phone – which was thought to not have made the cut.

Let us know what you’d like to see in the new iPhone 5.

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