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The iPhone 4S is Already the Second Most Popular Camera Phone Used on Flickr

A little over a month after going on sale, Apple’s iPhone 4S has shot up the charts to become the second most popular camera phone used on photo sharing site Flickr.

The 4S takes second spot behind the original iPhone 4, which has been the camera phone of choice for most Flickr users for quite some time now. At the rate that the 4S has reached second spot, we can see it dethroning its predecessor in no time.

In just 5 weeks Apple’s latest gadget has shot past the iPhone 3GS and HTC EVO 4G, both of which have been in the charts for some time now.

The iPhone 4 is not only the most popular camera phone used to upload photos to Flickr, but it is the most popular digital camera used, beating off Nikon and Canon DSLRs which have a much higher spec. It just goes to show that for a super portable camera capable of capturing high quality images, Apple has hit the nail on the head with their iPhone 4 and 4S. iOS also makes it super easy to share, even on the go, with simple gestures available in the camera app to upload photos to Flickr.

Despite the large lead the iPhone 4 has over the new 4S in terms of uploads to the site, the improvements made to the camera in Apple’s newest smartphone coupled with the high rate of uploads by 4S users suggest that the gap will shorten very quickly.

Apple made the right move in terms of imaging when they created the 4S, choosing to overhaul the camera sensor used. The 4S features an upgraded 8-Megapixel sensor with a wider lens, lower aperture setting and a high-end infrared filter. Thanks to the new camera sensor, dual-core A5 processor and iOS 5, you can take the phone out of your pocket and snap pictures much quicker than ever before.

Video capture was also improved when the 4S was released, offering Full HD 1080p video which is of a very impressive quality, considering it is coming from a gadget just 8.9mm thick.

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