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iPad 3 4G Edition Outed By LulzSec Leak ? Christmas Release ?

As we reported this week the hacking group LulzSec has ended its 50-day war against large corporate companies, goverments and just about anyone who they felt deserved to be hacked.

Apparently they have put down their mice and declared victory after they achieved their goals, and not because police authorities around the world have begun to make arrests. Obviously the thought of them leaving their rooms or basements was too much of a risk.

But before they stopped their love-affair with attacking websites – which included SOCA, AT&T and Sony – they dumped a massive haul of cyber treasure on Pirate Bay, which has since been removed.

One document, from the red-faced US network AT&T, has suggested that the American mobile provider is ready to test the next iPad later this year – which will run on the new super-fast 4G network.

Apparently the testing will begin in November. The document also lends further weight behind the rumour that Apple will release the new tablet earlier than it usually would.

Now the thought of Apple trying to release another iPad at the end of the year seems like pie in the sky to us. We checked on the local availability of the new iPad 2, and to our surprise it is still sold-out – with average wait expected to be 2 weeks.

A couple of weeks ago Taiwan’s Economic Daily newspaper reported the same rumour, suggesting that the iPad 3 is indeed scheduled for a Christmas launch.

Apparently the iPad 3 will have an eye-scorching resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels, which would be over six times the number of pixels on the current iPad and would no doubt be the “Retina Display” of tablets.

Although when the new iPad 2 was unveiled, and disappointingly was only a bit thinner and a lot faster, many commentators reckoned that Apple would release another one by end of the year with the super-high res screen we all really wanted.

We think that Apple probably would love to do another iPad sooner rather than later, but if it can’t make the current one fast enough, surely another iPad 3 in 2011 is a bridge too far. Although a retina screen like that would be amazing, it seems a little far-fetched.

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