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iOS 7.1 software update is launching imminently

The Apple iOS 7.1 update is imminent and should be with us within the next few days thanks to Apple’s streaming app being needed for the impending iTunes Festival.

According to rumours, Beta testing has been completed and Apple is just waiting for the right moment to launch the update. We’ve been expecting the update to arrive at some point in March but have not had a solid date as of yet, and in fact, the need for the update before the iTunes Festival is just speculation. It is thought a new iOS version will be needed to run the exclusive app which links up with the annual music festival hosted by Apple, although this is yet to be confirmed by the company itself as they are being hush-hush as usual.

The software update is for all products running the previous iOS 7 updates (7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.0.5 and 7.0.6) and will address previous bugs. It is also rumoured to include a change to a more uniform on screen appearance and a fix for Touch ID on the iPhone 5S becoming increasingly poor at recognising your fingerprint over time.

Apple has been promising an update since January that will fix crashes that keep on occurring with iOS 7 but we are yet to see an update that actually addresses this. Maybe this update will address this issue, but either way, Apple updates tend to arrive during the week rather than over the weekend and if this update is needed for the iTunes Festival we’re left with one day for it to roll out on…. Monday 10th of March.

Bring on the 10th of March! (Fingers crossed)

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