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iOS 7 said to be delayed by major design changes, launching in September

Apple is expected to launch iOS 7, a revamped and reworked software upgrade for its mobile devices, in the coming months. However, sources close to the company claim that design head honcho Jony Ive is making major changes that may delay the launch of the update.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is putting all hands on deck in order to finish the software for it to be previewed next month at WWDC ’13. Jony Ive, who usually designs the hardware, has recently been adding his input to the software, and as such there are big changes in store, we’re told.

The Cupertino Company is apparently having to pool resources from the teams that work on its OS X software for Mac in order to get iOS 7 finished in time. The very same thing famously happened back in 2007, when Apple launched iOS for the first time on the original iPhone.

As for what the software entails, so far we’ve heard that Ive has thrown out several ‘gimmicky’ features and design elements that were introduced by previous iOS boss Scott Fortstall. ‘Flat’ is a word that has been thrown around a lot this week in relation to the new software, along with comparisons to Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Apparently flashy simulations, lighting touches and other fancy things will be gone in favour of a smoother, simpler interface.

Apple will change many of the app icons in iOS 7 and the Email and Calendar applications will be completely overhauled, we’re told. Those in the know have envisioned the changes to be unwelcome for a portion of existing iOS users, although they say that the new software will be easier to pick up and use for those new to the Apple ecosystem.

We expect to see iOS 7 revealed for the first time next month at WWDC 13 in San Francisco. The software will then likely go public in September around the same time as the new iPhone launches, which will of course run the new OS out of the box.

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