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iOS 4.3 available to download now!

Apple officially announced the latest version of iOS firmware at their media event last wednesday, along with the iPad 2. It was slated for a worldwide release of March 11th, but the update went live with iTunes last night, almost two days ahead of schedule.

iOS 4.3 is the latest software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices (though not iPhone 3G handsets), and brings with it a bevy of new features and improvements. Apple explained most of the new features at their Media Event which we covered last Wednesday, but in case you missed it we’ll give you a run down.

    iTunes Home Sharing -You can now stream Music, Movies, and TV Shows from the iTunes library on a shared PC or Mac to your iOS 4.3 device, via a Wi-Fi network.
    Added AirPlay Functionality – Stream video from Camera Roll, iTunes Previews, Websites and Third Party Apps via Wi-Fi to your Apple TV box. (iOS 4.2 previously only allowed video to be streamed from the native Video application and nothing else).

    – You can also stream a Slideshow from the Photo app to Apple TV using Wi-Fi and AirPlay.

    Personal Hotspot – Share your 3G connection with other mobile devices, using your iPhone 4 as a “Hotspot”. Works with up to 5 devices, though a network can request it be 3 maximum. This feature is only applicable to the iPhone 4.
    Faster Safari – Apple have made the Safari mobile browser alot faster with the addition of their “Nitro Javascript Engine”.
    HD Video Out – Using the new Apple HDMI/USB Dock Adapter, you’ll be able to output 720p HD video quality from an iOS device to your HD television.
    Settings -Side switch on the iPad can now be designated as either a mute switch or a screen orientation lock.

    – Message notification setting on the iPhone can be edited to allow repeated notifications.

iOS 4.3 is ready and waiting for you now, all you have to do is plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into your PC via USB and open iTunes. You’ll be greeted by a message asking if you’d like to update to 4.3 – which of course you would – so hit yes and away you go.

If you have any questions or trouble with the update, feel free to drop us a comment!

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