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HTC Smartwatch Launch Postponed

The have been speculations recently that HTC were venturing into the wearables world and would potentially be unveiling their first HTC smartwatch at their event later today. However this seems to be nothing more than a rumour as it has emerged the smartwatch won’t in fact be debuting today, but sometime next year instead.

HTC are said to still be developing wearables but have refrained from releasing their first device this year as HTC Americas head Jason Mackenzie stated to Re/code: “It ended up just not being ready.”

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It is suspected that HTC want their wearable to be a flagship and to have earned a place on your wrist, as most available at the moment don’t necessarily give the user a large enough reason to wear them.

The head of HTC Creative Lab, Drew Bamford was quoted saying this: “We’ve seen a lot of general purpose wearables come to market, there’s not a strong reason to wear one every day. When we come to market with our product we want to make sure the product has a strong point of view and there is a really compelling reason to strap it on your wrist.”

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He continued to say: “We think the strategy we were working on will get us there, but we want to take our time and get it right, we honestly don’t think anyone has gotten it right.”

HTC’s event is due to take place in New York later today, and will feature details about new smartphones and devices. No doubt there will be more news about the event tomorrow!

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