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HTC Sensation XE Officially Announced

It’s all go for HTC this morning with two new smartphones making the light of day. We’ve seen leaked pictures of the HTC Runnymede, but this time we’ve got an official announcement of the HTC Sensation XE, which is a sequel to the popular HTC Sensation.

The Sensation XE is the first HTC smartphone with Beats Audio technology to be officially announced.

Keeping the same size and shape as the original Sensation, the Sensation XE has received a Beats Audio style makeover as well as some tech upgrades to boost its power.

HTC has bumped the processor speed up to 1.5GHz and squeezed a larger capacity battery into the case for a longer-lasting Sensation. In keeping with the Beats Audio theme, custom audio processing hardware and software have been added to keep recording aficionados and studio buffs happy.

Premium Beats Audio headphones will be included with the Sensation XE, along with an 8 or 16GB Micro SD card for your music and video. HTC say a special Beats Audio sound profile has been developed to ensure the best quality music playback, and the profile will automatically kick in as soon as you plug in those Beats headphones.

The ‘phones themselves are rather stylish in-ear buds with inline hands-free and media playback controls.

As with the HTC Runnymede, the red Beats Audio logo is stamped on the back of the case. HTC have taken the styling a step further and coloured the speaker grille, camera surround and four touch buttons in Beats Audio red too.

The HTC Sensation XE will launch in Asia and Europe from the end of this month. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the leaked document we found on a HTC Sensation ‘2’ at the start of this month indicated that the SIM-free price would be £520.

Do you prefer the original HTC Sensation or the Sensation XE? We’re in the Sensation XE camp, the red and black looks awesome!

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